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Are you at risk for digital dementia?
Volume 3, Issue #924

Are You at Risk For Digital Dementia?

Electromagnetic fields have long been linked to bothersome neurological problems. But a disturbing new report warns that exposure to cell phones, Wi-Fi and other forms of radiation goes much, much deeper.

The jaw-dropping analysis suggests that digital exposure can cause Alzheimer’s disease, not only in seniors, but in young people too. Here’s what you need to know to protect you and your family.

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The REAL threat to your health and longevity

If your energy levels keep plummeting lower and you’re feeling “old before your time”…

If you’re getting more forgetful, can’t focus, or worried you’re losing your edge…

Or if you’re concerned your immune system isn’t anywhere close to what it needs to be in this current environment…

Then the culprit could be this hidden deficiency in your body.

Top scientists now say this overlooked deficiency is what causes your body to slowly decline and give in to the devastating effects of aging. In fact, a recent University of Michigan study shows it has a bigger impact on your health than your weight… whether you smoke or drink… or even your cholesterol or blood pressure levels!

Yet most doctors never test for this common deficiency. That’s in spite of new research that shows it’s responsible for at least 24% of your good health as you age.

That’s why I’m so excited about a new scientific discovery that can add more healthy, vibrant years to your life… while having a dramatic effect on your energy, immunity, and brainpower right now.

It all starts with fixing this hidden deficiency that’s setting you up for a sickly and feeble “old age” and making you feel rotten right now

For over a decade Professor Martin Pall at Washington State University has been studying pulsed electronically generated electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

These are released by smartphones, mobile phone base stations, smart meters, digital power supplies and inverters, radar, and modulating pulsation from 2G to 3G to 4G and now to 5G, increasing in intensity at every greater level.

Prof. Pall summarized everything he’s learned over that time in a review published in the journal Current Alzheimer Research in March. And he believes that the health problems caused by EMFs revolve around their influence on a single essential mineral.

EMFs Rapidly Increase Cellular Calcium

The calcium hypothesis of dementia argues that the root cause of Alzheimer’s is an excess of calcium within brain cells. This excess leads to many negative consequences for neurons including breakdown of cellular communication, the buildup of tau protein tangles, and promotion of cell death.

In addition, researchers now believe that two specific changes to cellular calcium directly sow the seeds of Alzheimer’s within the brain. The first is an increase in amyloid precursor protein BACE1, and the growth of amyloid beta brain plaques that can choke the life out of brain cells. The second is that excess amyloid drives an overabundance of calcium to create a never-ending vicious circle of harm to the brain.

How does this damage from EMFs happen?

The strong electric and magnetic forces produced by EMFs impact body cells mainly through activation of voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) - the route by which calcium enters cells.

This activation produces rapid increases in intracellular calcium. VGCC activation by EMFs has been demonstrated in animals with alarming consequences.

Fast and Massive Neurodegeneration

In one study, young rats were exposed to very low intensity 3G cell tower radiation for two hours a day for four weeks; a level that's considered safe for humans. This produced rapid and massive neurodegeneration – one third of brain cells died. When a VGCC blocker drug was administered, eleven harmful brain changes and four behavioral changes diminished dramatically.

In another experiment, two-month-old rats were exposed to a series of EMF pulses over a single day. Eighteen months later - when equivalent to humans aged 42 - Alzheimer's-specific increases in both amyloid precursor protein, amyloid beta and oxidative stress were seen in the hippocampus, a key memory and learning area of the brain. Alzheimer's-like changes in learning and behavior were also seen in the rodents.

A similar experiment was conducted where exposure was daily over eight months, when the rats were like 21-year-old humans. This also resulted in the same biochemical and behavioral changes.

Prof. Pall writes: "…we are getting universal very, very, very early onset AD in rats with no apparent genetic predisposition, simply from EMF exposure."

But are these striking animal experiments relevant to humans?

Human Evidence is Mounting

At this time nothing definitive can be said, however, growing human evidence suggests we should be very concerned. Low intensity EMFs are shown to produce changes in the electrical activity of the brain as shown by EEG.

Genetic and pharmacological studies reveal a link between increased VGCC activity and the rise in the number of people with Alzheimer's disease.

In addition, three reviews show people living within 300 to 400 meters of mobile phone base stations develop widespread neurological conditions. And eleven population studies show a higher incidence of Alzheimer's with higher EMF exposures. Occupational exposures also demonstrate negative effects. These are cumulative, becoming progressively more severe with increasing length of exposure.

The Ultimate Memory Loss Disaster

Although it can take 25 years of brain degeneration before symptoms develop, many of the population studies report increases in the incidence of Alzheimer's in much shorter times, suggesting that EMF exposures may lower the latency period considerably, possibly down to just five years. This increase in exposure could explain why Alzheimer’s is diagnosed more frequently at younger ages.

"This means," Prof. Pall writes, "it is possible that exposures we already have, 5G and possibly also 4G and smart meters, may have already caused the ultimate disaster..."

He is calling for studies conducted by independent scientists to be carried out without delay.

These should include:

  • Brain scans and brain marker surveys to reveal abnormalities in young people who show signs of digital dementia.
  • EMF exposure assessments on people diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's.
  • Examination of people exposed for more than a year to small cell antennas. These are placed on streetlights, poles, and buildings to transmit data to and from wireless devices.

My Takeaway

While I agree that these suggested areas of additional research are important, I wouldn’t wait for the results. I would encourage you to take steps to protect you and your family from EMFs today.

The easiest way is to turn off your cellphones and WiFi when not in use. There are also several EMF protection products available online from boxes and bags that can store your phones and routers to EMF-impenetrable fabrics to drape around areas where most of your digital devices are concentrated.

Some natural health doctors also believe that homeopathic remedies, certain nutritional supplements, and certain plants (and their extracts) can help the body combat EMFs. While the results are almost always anecdotal, they’re worth exploring if you believe your cognitive function or overall health has been or could be negatively affected by EMF exposure.

Best Regards,

Lee Euler



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